Sparkle Fairy Door, Purple

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Free gift with the purchase of a Fairy Door!

A "full" description of 'lil Fairy Doors is found (above) - read how the 'lil Fairies can bring not only magic and imginative play to your child's life, but encouragement and rewards for good behavior.

A purple 'lil Fairy Door comes beautifully packaged wih purple fairy dust, mounting supplies and a note for your child to sign to invite the fairies into your home!  With this note, children agree to be well behaved so the fairies will move in and visit them from time to time.  Little ones happily sign this ageement with the fairies and they are known to exchange notes, treats or treasures (secrets, and more) with their children friends.  A magical friendship!  If you would like the Fairy Note in *French*, indicate in the "Comment" section when ordering.

Dimensions are 8" (20 cm) long, 5" (13 cm) wide and 1" (2.5 cm) deep

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PLEASE NOTE:  the door frame colour is an off white, not a pure white.

List price: $35.00
Price: $35.00
Sparkle Fairy Door, Purple
Purple Sparkle Fairy Door