About Us

We are a home based business in Nova Scotia, and opened 8 am-10 pm most days. We can always be reached at 902-462-0784 or cell 902-222-9983.  Positive reinforcement and encouragement of good behaviour can make a big difference in the lives of little ones... especially when this takes place in the form of magical fairy visits! We're happy to be bringing products to the market that will nurture the unique spirit of each child and bring an extra bit of fun and magic to children's lives through interactive, creative and imaginative play! 

We are a Mother/Daughter team working on products daily.  First hand we see our granddaughter abd grandson’s excitement when the ‘Fairy’ visits them through their Fairy Door at Nanny and Grampy’s  house when they visit through a Fairy Door!

 So much excitement making memories for them and us as well!

Families are reaping the benefits of inviting the fairies into their home! Our dress up apparel; tutus, tutu dresses, wands, wings, and more captures the imagination and adds a whole element of imaginative play, fun with friends at home, and whimsical excitement! 

We are a business located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We can ship our products to you anywhere with our online store. Send any enquiries to info@believefairydesigns.ca To visit our TuTu Room to view our products in person call (902) 462-0784 ask for Eleanor, or for (local) pickup in one of our two Dartmouth locations.