Fairy Door Reviews


If a child is to keep his/her sense of wonder, he/she needs the help of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him/her the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in... Below is a sampling of a many different ways customers have used their Fairy Door to keep the magic of 'believing' alive in their little ones and for dealing with 'life's little hurdles' or difficult stages that many little ones go through as they grow.  

    -  Deborah-  Thanks so much for getting the Fairy Door to me so quickly.  My creative juices are already flowing.  I am a mommy of three girly-girls so this will be a huge hit with all of them, even me!

     - Rita- We are planning to take the door to Disney World with us and use it as ‘Tinker Bell’s Door’  that way we will use it to bring girls gifts if they nap. and behave.

     - Sheila- I just remember being a little girl and the feeling of excitement and wonder forvall magicalthings.  I think your business is providing little girls with the best, most exciting feeling!

    - Cathy- I was so happy with my purchase and I know my daughter is going to love it for her birthday.  Thank you so much for your time and wonderful kindness.  I’m sure I’ll be talking to you again soon!p

    -  Michelle/Saskatchewan- Thank you so much for rushing the shipment. I was so happy that it arrived to!ay! It's a Christmas present for a friend who loves all things fairy-related.  She's going to absolutely love the Rainbow Door.

    -  Robin/Ontario - Thanks so much, I am so excited for it.  I am hoping to surprise my girls with it and ones birthday is February 7 so it being here, hopefully, before then, would be great.  They are so into fairies right now and this door is just going to be so exciting for them.

     - Robin/Ontario -(once the Door arrived) -Thank you so much!  The door was beyond my expectations!  It's adorble and I can't wait for my girls to see it this weekend! They are going to love it so much!  I am going to put it up while they sleep on Friday night for my birthday girl to wake up to a surprise.  I am so excited!  I will be recommending them for sure. 

    - Maura/B.C. - I have to compliment your customer service.  It's the best I've ever seen and I do a lot of online shopping.  Well done.  I'll  be recommending you to my frends.

    -  Cathy/Alberta - I was so happy with the puchase and I know my  daughter is going  to love it for her birhtday.  Thank yo so much for your time and such wonderful kindness.  I'm sure I'll be talking to you again soon.  I've spread the word about your products, honesty, and professionalism.

    - Tanya/Brookfield -The Fairy Door helped my girls sleep in their own room. They know that the fairies only come if they sleep the whole night in their own bed. The fairies don't come every night though, but when they do they leave little stickers and pieces of jewelry or hair clips.

   - Nicole/New Glasgow- The fairies helped my children cope with a move to our new house. The fairies have given them joy, something to look forward to in the process of getting settled, and helped them express themselves by writing notes and answering questions 'the fairies' have asked in order to give us an idea of how they are dealing with the move. 

   - Amanda/Fall River -"The fairy door has helped our little Melissa go diaper free at night. We are on night 3 and loving it! The fairies left a beautiful butterfly for her after her first night through. They also give her special things when she has done something amazing. We love our fairy door!"   

   -  John& Barb/Ontario - "Some stickers and an encouraging note were left for my three year old who was having a bit of difficulty with potty training. She is so excited and proud of herself when they reward her".

   - Joyce/B.C. -"The fairies reward our four year old for good behavior. They leave lovely notes and fun stickers beside the door".

   - Sandy/N.B. -"My daughter is excited when she sees toys re-arranged in her room in the morning, knowing the fairies have visited last night. Her interaction with the fairies has shown her imaginative side as she loves to tell stories to the fairies through the fairy door. We love seeing the enthusiasm and excitement that has surfaced since the Fairy Door arrived".     

    - Tori/ New York "How very magical that our three year old is moving into her new house complete with fairies (and a Fairy Door) already there, such an exciting prospect!"

    -  Jenn/Quebec - "The fairies left a few cookie crumbs on their little table set last night. My children were thrilled to know they had visited and were watching them, even though they were a bit messy with their cookies! Fairy doors are great!"

    -   Emma/Australia -Even a 52 year old couldn't resist getting a yellow Fairy Door for herself for a kitchen fairy. "Everyone needs a little bit of magic" she said, and every time she looks at the door it makes her smile just like she knew it would!