'lil Fairy Doors ~ Imaginative and Interactive Play!


~Imagination, Pretend Play & helping children with 'childhood stages'~

Children need play to grow, and imagination and pretend play help to build children's learning skills. Attach a special Fairy Door low on a wall, high on a book shelf or in another special place inside your home and watch how the fairy magic inspires imaginations! (Fairy Doors for inside use only). Once it's attached, the fairies will know how to use it to come in and out (Fairy Magic!) The Fairies only come out at night and are known to exchange notes and small treats or treasures with their children friends when they're well behaved, in need of a little encouragement, or just to inspire imagination & spark up a fairy special friendship! 'lil Fairy Doors are helping children (and families) to have great success with life's little hurdles during childhood stages such as starting daycare or school, changing schools, sleeping in one's own bed (or room) for the first time ever, moving to another home, dealing with the absence of a parent (seperations or loss), an extended hospital stay, potty training, letting go of a soother or blanket, getting along with siblings, keeping a clean room, an extended hospital stay (& many childhood stages that children need encouragement with). Children know their 'lil Fairies are always 'watching' and although the fairies don't visit every night, children see proof that their fairies have visited...epecially when they are well behaved! (Positive reinforcement of good behaviour from 'magical fairy friends' can go a very long way!)

~ Interactive play ~

Fairy Doors stimulate imaginations, and also create interactive play! Children may wish to leave a note or respond to their 'lil Fairies who have written to them. Simply place a note, or item, at the base of the Fairy Door to ask the fairies questions or tell them secrets and the 'lil Fairies will write back *with a little help from the 'Adult Fairies' in the home of course- ie. the parent(s)/ guardian(s). By writing to their 'lil Fairy friends (once children are of this age) this further stimulates imaginative play, and pretend play. Children know that their 'lil Fairies always know what is going on in their lives so they may also mark these special occasions or holidays. They may even share their portal to this magical world by having the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus (or favourite characters of your children) visit your home through the magical fairy door! The Tooth Fairy is another famous visitor who they share their door with, of course and any other magical visitors are of course a possibility! 

~ A 'promise' to be well behaved/ How to Create the Magic! ~

Children sign a note from the 'lil fairies (see note in fairy pak~ picture shown) inviting the fairies to move in if children 'promise to be well behaved'. 'lil Fairy visits always happen at night, while chidren sleep. Kids wake to find that *some* days their fairies have visited to leave them a treat, note of encouragement (for a job well done), a special letter delivery (from a parent or relative who is away)...or they may just find a sprinkling of fairy dust that has fallen off their fairies wings; all proof their fairies have visited! Toys might be rearranged around the room, a tea party set up at the fairy door, new books or a new backpack for starting school, a silly little mess made in the kitchen if fairies were flying through the house ... the possibilities are endless and are all very magical in the eyes of a child!

Don't try to open the door though, only the fairies can use the door and it may scare them away if the door is not treated with care. Your 'lil Fairy Door comes beautifully packaged with a bottle of fairy dust, mounting supplies and a note to the fairies to get you started. Available in beautiful shades of blue, pink, purple, and red.  We also have gorgeous Sparkle Fairy Doors in a variety of colors, together with Elf/Pixie red doors.   Find a special spot in your home for these Doors and watch your child's imagination soar!

 Visit us on Believe Fairy Designs Facebook page (link found on our homepage) to see imaginative ways of using these unique 'lil Fairy Doors, or check out "Fairy Door Reviews" (found above ~ hot pink toolbar) to see how others have used their 'lil Fairy Doors to spread the fairy magic! (The doors measure 7 3/4" high and 5" at the widest point). Please ask for a fairy pack in French if needed, instead of English. NOTE: TAXES HAVE BEEN INCLUDED IN ALL OUR PRICES!