For The Special Little Ones In Your Life

We believe that a child's imagination needs to be nurtured at a young age. Imagination and creative play should be a big part of the daily lives of little ones. Our products inspire imaginative play and some can even promote positive behaviour along the way!

Our feature product, 'lil Fairy Doors, are proving to be not only a beautiful way to inspire imaginative play in children, but a tool for helping children through difficult childhood stages such as sleeping through the night or taking naps, starting school or daycare (or changing schools), moving to another home, coping when a parent is away from home (seperations or loss), potty training, sleeping in one's own room for the first time, (and more). The fairies, from time to time, can leave notes of encouragement for good behaviour, special gifts, rewards, treats or treasures to show they've been watching and visiting. The fairies might also sneak through your fairy door and play with some toys in your room leaving little footprints of fairy dust behind! The possibilities, with magical fairy visits, are endless! Children and families all around the world now are having great success with childhood stages with the encouragement of the 'lil Fairies and their truly unique and magical fairy door!

Our wide assortment of 'lil Fairy Doors and 'lil Fairy Door ' lil extras' (miniature accessories) and our tutus, wands, wings and other fabulous fairy dress-up apparel creates a fairy fantasy! Welcome to our website, and please have a look at all of our fairy finds.

To learn more about 'lil Fairy Doors and creative ways to use them in your home, please take a read about them. (Visit our Facebook page ~ above the hot pink toolbar~ top of the page) as well for further ideas and inspiration). 

Orders in Halifax-Dartmouth (and surrounding areas) can be picked up, and paid for, in Dartmouth. Use the "Comment' section during an online order. (Prices have tax built in). Any of our products can be shipped throughout North America so please tell your friends! (We have a "Share" button above the hot pink tool bar - at the top of the page- for sharing on Facebook).