Fairy Mailbox


Fairy Mail Box $16.00 (Taxes included)

Everyone loves getting letters in the mail... the Fairies are no exception! These special Fairy Mailboxes are the perfect size for fairy mail. Address your letters (that are included) with your most careful printing and post it in your fairy mailbox. When the fairies visit, you might find a sprinkling of fairy dust lying around, but most importantly they leave messages, pictures, words of encouragement, even secrets or questions for their children friends to find inside!

Children can communicate with their fairy friends through Fairy Mail (and even leave a tooth for a special visit from the Tooth Fairy herself from time to time)! Magical and interactive fun!

Each mailbox comes with 10 mini letters, 10 glittery seals for letters and mounting supplies. 


List price: $16.00
Price: $16.00
Fairy Mail Box, NEW, an exciting way to communicate with the fairies.
Fairy Mail Box, NEW, an exciting way to talk back and forth with the fairies
 Fairy Mailbox, creates magical talk with the fairies
Fairy Mail Box...talk to the fairies!