Raving Red Fairy Door (Non Opening)

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A full description of 'lil Fairy Doors is found above~ read how the 'lil Fairies can bring not only magic and imaginative play to your child's life, but encouragement, a helping hand with challenging childhood stages, and rewards for good behaviour! They even assist children by helping to cope during times of seperation and loss. (Read the full desctiption of how the magic works on the 'lil Fairy Door' page ~ found in the hot pink toolbar above ~ for Indoor Use! )


A non-opening red 'lil Fairy Door comes beautifully packaged with white fairy dust, mounting supplies and a note for your child(ren) to sign to invite the fairies into your home! With this note, children agree to be well behaved so the fairies will move in and visit them from time to time! Little ones happily sign this agreement with the fairies and they are known to exchange notes, treats or treasures with their children friends. A magical friendship! (Mushrooms and Wreath shown are extra).  ~ For indoor use only ~  

 ASK ABOUT THE YELLOW RIBBONS*The red fairy doors are also being used upon DEPLOYMENT with Canadian/American military families for communication with loved ones while they are away. During an absence, this magic portal allows for leaving emails, postcards/ letters, gifts and special things big and small which arrives through this fairy door~from this caregiver! This keeps the bonds, memories, and lines of communication flowing, and replaces some of the sadness with a magical element! All enquiries are sent through Email via "Contact Us" on the hot pink toolbar above.

DIMENSIONS are 8" (20 cm) long, 5" (13 cm) wide, and 1" (2.5 cm) deep.

All our Fairy doors are UNISEX PRODUCTS

LOCAL ORDERS - Halifax-Dartmouth and surrounding areas: can easily be picked up to avoid Canada Post charges. Simply click 'Pick Up Order' at 'Checkout'. REMEMBER: When you pay for Regular Mail service on our website, shipping to Canadian addresses, we'll BUMP IT UP to EXPEDITED service at no charge to you to get the parcel to your home faster.

PLEASE NOTE - the frame around the door is an off white colour ~ not a true white.

LANGUAGE OPTIONS  if you need a fairy note in *French* (as an alternative to English) please add this in the "Comment" section when ordering.  

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lil Fairy Door, red Canada- helpful to encourage imaginations in children
lil Fairy Door, red, Canada
Red Fairy Door