NEW L’il Sparkle Doors


We are introducing our NEWEST product....l’il Sparkle Fairy Doors in assorted Colors! (For indoor use only). We’ve been painting and sparkling for a while!  So far we have bubble gum pink, turquoise, red, yellow, blue, rose, hot pink,  rainbow and mauve!  These non-opening Sparkle Doors will certainly add a bit of sunshine to any room and everyone knows “Fairies” are attracted to sparkle!  These NEW  doors, of course, come beautifully packaged for gift giving with fairy dust, mounting supplies attached, and a note to the Fairies to get you started.

Once the note is signed by your little one, the Fairies have permission to visit from time to time and reward good behavior with encouraging notes or small gifts, sharing secrets and answering their Fairy questions.  During this stressful time of Covid, many little ones need reassuring answers to their worries. The Fairies can play an important role at this time!

We are experimenting with color, so if you’d like to see another color choice let us know and we’ll try to make one for you!  We have painted a few Rainbow Fairy Doors - no two exactly the same because they are hand painted, and also very colorful and fun!

These l’il Sparkle Fairy Doors measure 7” x 4” x 1/2”

List price: $28.00
Price: $28.00
Rainbow Sparkle Door
Mauve Sparkle Door
Bubble Gum Pink, light
Turquoise Sparkle
Yellow Sparkle Door
Red Sparkle Door
Hot Pink Sparkle
Royal Blue Sparkle
Rose Pink Fairy Door
Wedgewood Blue