NEW Elf Door (Opening)

Number available: 15

A magical door to welcome the Elves i to your home...any time of the year!  ( Elf not included)


Once the Elf Door is attached to a shelf or any  special place in your home (command strips included) the Elves have permission to move in!  They usually visit at night and may leave small gifts or treats to well behaved children.  They might play with your toys at night, or sprinkle some Elf Dust to show they were for the signs of a visit!  The Elves are hoping to visit even more often when their new children friends are well behaved!  Visit the “lil Fairy Door” page to see how the magical visits work!  (The help of at least one adult in the home is needed for the magic Elf visits of course) 

Treat the Elf Door with care though to receive Elf visits!


Your Elf Door comes with an Elf Pack (with a note to the Elves that your children sign as a promise to be well behaved for the Elves to move in, 

a bottle of Elf Dust and Command Strips.  A Gift with Purchase will be added.

The  papers provided with each purchase detail the fun use of the Elf Door.








List price: $19.00
Price: $19.00
Elf Door, opening