Fairy w/Bed

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Fairy Bed $10 (Taxes included)

A cute little 4 piece set to delight the special little fairy princesses in your home! This fairy doll has brushable hair and comes in a tutu outfit. (These *aren't the fairies that make magical visits to your home through the 'lil Fairy Door, but younger kids love their dolls!) The wooden painted, glittered bed with decorative features, has a coverlet with matching pillow. (Pale pink pine bed- sized just right for your new little fairy friend!) Fairy hair color and tutu color vary, enquire in our “Fairy Mail” email if looking for specifics. Colours vary due to current stock supplies; blonde, purple, blue, or orange hair. (Pink hair no longer available). 

List price: $10.00
Price: $10.00
Fairy and bed with Bedding