Pretty Pink (Non opening)

Number available: 3

Bring magical excitement, beautiful childhood memories, imaginative play and a new friendship with the 'lil Fairies right to your home when the fairies move in!  


Create a new friendship at home... attach a Pretty Pink Fairy Door low on a wall, high on a shelf, or in a special spot in your home and watch how the fairy magic inspires imagination! ... When the fairy door is spotted, that's truly when the magic begins! Once it's attached, the fairies will know how to use it to fly in & out (hint: fairy magic!) New fairy friends will visit from time to time (while children sleep) and especially if children are well behaved! The 'lil Fairies are known to exchange notes, treats, treasures, secrets, surprises and encouragement ... an enchanting friendship! (See the 'lil Fairy Doors page on the hot pink toolbar to read more- found on the home page- as well as our Facebook page- Believe Fairy Designs - to see hundreds of unique ideas, pictures, magical setups & the bonuses of inviting the fairies to move into your home). Your fairy friends help to celebrate the moments (big and small), with encouragement and positive reinforcement on your children's childhood journey!    

INCLUDED WITH EACH FAIRY DOOR                                                      

Each pink fairy door comes beautifully packaged with pink fairy dust (as shown with the box), 3M mounting supplies, and a note to the fairies for children to sign to invite them to move in... with this note children agree to be well behaved for the visits to begin! Little ones happily sign this agreement with the fairies and the imaginative & interactive play begins! Writing messages back and forth further encourages imaginative play which is an important element of childhood development in young children. ('lil Mushrooms, fairy ladder as shown, are sold individually- found in the catalogue under "'lil Extras" as well as Fairy Mail mailboxes, among other miniature add ons).  

Unisex Product

LANGUAGE OPTION FAIRY Note is also available in *French* upon request for the Fairy Pack. Simply indicate in the “Comment” section when ordering). 

DIMENSIONS are 8" (20 cm) high, 5" (13 cm.) at wide pst top, 4” door plus frame (10 cm) and 1/2” deep

LOCAL HRM ORDERS Halifax- Dartmouth and surrounding areas: can be picked up to save on postage. Just click "Pick Up Order" at "Checkout" when placing an online order.

ENQUIRIES please email us with any enquiries - click on "Contact Us" from the hot pink tool bar on the Home page- our fairies will happily answer your enquiries about the products! 


For Indoor Use

List price: $33.00
Price: $33.00
Pretty Pink non opening Fairy Door