Opening Blue Fairy Door

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A FREE Gift with the purchase of every Fairy Door will be added to your order!

The 'Fairies” that move into your home will certainly enjoy this magical door (each purchase includes a bottle of fairy  dust, mounting wupplies and a note to the "Fairies" to get you started.

When you place an order paying Regular Mail, we will bump it up to Expedited thereby taking two days off the travel time...our Fairies are eager for you to get your magical visits started as soon as possible!

A Fairy note/FairyPack maybe sent in French.  Ask for this if necessary in the "comments" if you would like a French one.

All our Fairy Doors are Unisex products.  We have many additional items that complement the Fairy Doors.  Have a look on this website!

Dimentions are 8" x 5" x 1"


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Opening blue fairy door