Magic Fairy Ladder

Number available: 2

If you are ordering the Magical Fairy Ladder (only), send a message *before ordering ~ (from the Homepage- use the "Contact Us" button) and it will arrive to you in an envelope ~ just for the cost of a stamp!

Our little Magic Fairy Ladder is a fun 'lil addition for helping your 'lil Fairies when they visit your home! 

Every home needs a bit of magic! ...what a great combination ~ a Fairy Door, plus a Magical Fairy Ladder; a great way to bring the fairy magic into your home!

{This product appearing at the base of a fairy door is known to cause giggles!}

The ladder: 4.5 inches in height 

Unisex Product 

Magic Fairy Ladder-$ 5.00 


List price: $5.00
Price: $5.00