No Open Fairy Door, Mauve

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Magical moments will begin once your Mauve Fairy Door is put up in a special spot in your home! Beautiful, magical family memories begin the day you invite the fairies in!  (For indoor use only)

Our newest addition non-opening Fairy Door comes beautifully packaged complete with fairy dust, mounting supplies (that are safe on all surfaces)  and a note to the “fairies” to get you started.  Please note ...Fairy and Mail Box are individually priced.  (For encourgement and reward for good behaviour ~ if you choose to use it in that manner as well!) The fairy magic is customizable to your children/ your special days & special events/ occasions, and everyday moments big and small! (The Mauve fairy door does not come with the fairy stand or the fairy mailbox (as shown)... each are sold seperately... see the "Shop Now" button or the Catalogue on the homepage if interested in those).

Do you realize if you order with a friend (shipped to one address) it is only a small increase in postage, better than ordering separately!  Why not order with a friend and save on postage?

All our fairy doors are Unisex Products

Fairy not in French upon request ~ ask for it in the comments section in Fairy Mail/(Email) on the homepage

Dimensions for this door are 8”x5”x1/2”






You pay "Regular Mail when ordering, shipping to Canadian addresses, we'll BUMP it up to EXPEDITED Mail! ~ at no extra charge to you whereby saving, usually, two days in shipping time! Our fairies want to be sure you get the magic started as *soon as possible! 

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