Santa Foot Prints

Number available: 11

PLEASE NOTE...if you plan to order this item alone, send us a message to our email ~Fairy Mail~ on this website before ordering and we will pay for the  stamp.  You can just Etransfer the $4 to and we will pop it in the mail to you.

Sometimes Santa forgets to wipe his feet as he comes through your 'lil Christmas Door!

With our Santa Prints Stencil, you can create tiny little footprints leading to and from those secret places in your home! Also, if you don't have a chimney, of course the fairies will share their door with special guests,  so Santa can visit through the magic Fairy Door on Christmas Eve! (We will add a FREE bottle of Fairy Dust to this order)

List price: $4.00
Price: $4.00
Santa footprints
Santa Footprints