NEW Pixie Door 4 Boys

Number available: 10

Little boys have been asking for a door of their own!...of course any child might like to invite the Pixies/Elves in! Here it is... a special magical Pixie Door!

Invite the Pixies, or Elves, into your home!... Once the Magical Door is placed on the wall (or a special spot in your home), the Pixies will be given permission to visit!... They usually visit at night, while others sleep, and have been known to leave encouraging notes, treats or treasures, rewards for good bahaviour, or to play with children's toys... & may leave them in a different spot! (See the page 'lil Fairy Door on the hot pink toolbar to learn their full use) Also visit Believe Fairy Designs to view hundreds of fairy visits that will help you to learn all about the Fairy & Pixie magical visits and all their hundreds of benefits for helping children and familes while at home! 

If you notice your toys have been played with or perhaps some pixie dust on your floor, you know they have visited! The Pixies reward good behaviour, so keeping one's own room tidy, being kind to siblings and minding Caregiver's wishes (amongst sooo many more uses), are magical and effective ways that the Pixies are helping children on their journey in childhood!

Your NEW Pixie Door comes with a bottle of white Pixie Dust, a Pixie Door Mat, a Pixie Pack/& note to the Pixies that the children sign plus a Command Strip are included with each door purchase. (Simply peel off the backing and hold against the wall for thirty seconds ~ can safelly be removed without harm to surfaces). *Other accessories in the 2nd picture are sold seperately*~ see the "Catalogue'/ Homepage, or the "Shop Now" buttons on this site.

Pixie/Elf Doors come in a beautiful red colour ~ sure to be loved by the little ones in your life!

Dimensions are 7”inches x 4” inches

All doors are UNISEX products


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Pixie Door